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Phone: (303) 825-2223

1391 Speer Blvd, Suite 550,
Denver, Colorado
80204 United States
If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the Denver metro area, you face tough prosecutors. The criminal justice system will not do you any favors. You need a strong advocate on your side to fight for your rights and your future.

At Rosenthal & Heymann, LLC our defense lawyers work hard to ensure our clients' rights are protected at every turn. Just because you were charged with a crime that does not mean you are guilty — or that the state can prove the charges they are bringing. We begin immediately to work on your behalf.

If we think we can convince the prosecutor to drop or reduce the charges, we'll negotiate. If there is evidence that with strengthen your defense case, we will get it. Our goal is to provide the strongest and most effective defense possible—for every client, in every case.
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